020: intoxication

It's been a while since I had this chance to breath.
I was so busy, running around, panting and gasping for a bit of oxygen to be sucked on my lungs.

Starting after my magical journey to Kuantan, I've been having two weeks of real horror.
Though I still manage to squeeze in a time or two for some fun, the rest are all work.
Here I am to apologise to all the people whom I unintentionally neglected, whom their message had been left with no reply, and those who felt hurt by my words though I did try as much to cover this mountains of emotion that had been bundled up inside.

I had been in total wreck, yes, it may have not been depicted clearly in my face, but I am.
Me whole self don't do myself justice when it comes to this thing,
I prefer to pretend, to show people I am coping well, when Allah knows how horrid I am inside.

And now it's holiday, ahhhh, finally.
I know there's lots of assignment to do in this so called holiday but still, 
there's no place like home.
So, for now, let me enjoy this intoxication of bliss
that only a place called home may be able to offer.