002: Hoo hoo holidayyyy!

I'm done with lectures.
I'm done with the assignment.
I'm done with the papers.
I'm done with the busiest and most tiring semester ever.
And to be honest I'm quite surprised I managed to get out of it alive & mentally sane *boo, exaggerate lebih*.

Holiday come come to mamito! N helloooo sweet ol' home! Tho my house is quite a resemblance with that of Weasley family in Harry Potter but it's still warm & fuzzy. :3

Hence, by the time this post is up it's already 6th day of holiday and I'm sure I've done nothing good out of myself. I can *confidently and with no doubt* assured you that by now, my daily time schedule sucks big time. It goes all upside down, twisted and knotted until I can't find any possible way to sort it back. 

By the time this post is up too, InsyaAllah, if there's nothing wrong, I'm possibly already on my way to Kelantan fr a relative's wedding. So my dad have this idea that we might as well take this opportunity to have a good vacae. I couldn't agree more. Hope to have some good times with mi familia. Wohoo!

p/s: It seems to me that those 365 days challenge have to wait s'more time. I'll do the very first one once I got back. 

p/ss: (read: super duper el importante) Tho I'm in Kelantan, I wouldn't miss two *hopefully* exciting football matches (between City n Spurs, Arsenal n Manchester United) fr the world. I will force my dad to find any mamak eventho it will cause me to do some desperate measure to mi papito *boo, lagi lagi nak exaggerate lagi. pftt*. 

Glory glory Manchester United!

So, buhbye now!