051: Hey baby youu

Dear you,

you have so much hatred in your hearts it's really amazing how you can keep up your life with it.
you have so much negativity in you it's really amazing, Wow!

how can you simply love that person and poof! all of the sudden you just hate them without any apparent fight or reason? This side of you is really a brilliant surprise. 
and to add it up, it's Ramadhan and there's no devil to whisper to you of sweet nothing.

See how it goes? It's time for self reflection, man. Really.

Oh by the way,
I'm no good either but that's why I don't resort to hatred and passing judgement.
I'm no good really and that's why I won't be adding any more syillings on my book of sins.
I do realise all my flaws & imperfections, there's too much in fact.

Don't mess with people. Who are we to mess with them beside God. 

"Bila kita menghina orang lain sesungguhnya kita sedang memperlihatkan kehinaan akhlak kita sendiri. Berhati-hatilah apabila berkata-kata :)"