028: To the man who cannot be moved.

Note: I wrote this a year ago, that time when we were not yet together.

I don't care if you have moved already or what.
I don't care anymore. 
Because after you, there were never someone else.
Just somebody who passes by.

So, here I am.
I'm waiting.
In this pavement of pedestrians street.
And this time, I won't talk to passer-by, 
I won't go and have a coffee with strangers,
I won't say hi to familiar faces,
I just wait for you to come and fetch me.

If it takes years, then to the hell I wait.
I sit here while sipping on a cup of cappuccino,
while reading a wonderfully good book.
Until you come.
Until you come.
Oh yes, until you come.

ps: Now that our path cross once again,
and though I don't know what's there in the future,
I do hope this thing that we have for each other,
yes, this beautiful indescibable feeling we have,
I hope it last for eternity.


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