010: Short & Sweet #2

I'm staying away

I'll be steering myself clear off facebook and twitter for a while. (read: A WHILE)
Maybe I'll stay deactivated fr a few weeks and see how it goes. 
This is one of my own challenge fr me to prove to myself, that I'm better off without these social networking sites. But I'll still be here in blog and tumblr. 

It's a big think hokay since there are some of my friends that can only be connected thru these sites. Esp those who are abroad. Those are the only place where I can get updates about them. But anyway, it doesn't matter really, I can just activate it back once my mission is accomplished. 

So, byebye social networking. see you in 2-3 weeks! ;D


Anonymous said…
Bye Kiko ..c u in 2-3 weeks
kiko kiki lala said…
baibai awak.
c u too!

*whoever you are, you've made my day :DD thank youuu!
Anonymous said…
Yes I've made ur day ..am a happy man ..ur welcome uia buddy
kiko kiki lala said…
ehhh? a man & uia buddy? :O

woahh, malu lah sy gini.
sapekah gerangan nya?
Anonymous said…
xpe U dun hv to know ..just assume that I'm ur regular reader
kiko kiki lala said…
oke, dah malu sekarang. :")
thankiuuuuuu very very much, whoever u are.