all those shits of being university student

im done,
yeah i am.

im done with two theatre performance within two consecutive weeks.
done with my short film assignment.
done with our poster design & presentation.
done with my take home exercises.
presentations and all.

to make it more interesting, i received my midterms paper & also quizzes.
some are good. some came up as a surprised because i swear i though i would flunk the subject. 

i used to put out my marks on my blog just so to motivate myself to work harder. but ever since i enter Gombak campus, my results came out badly *not that bad but not as good as it used to be like the good ol' days in Nilai* adeh, penat lah cakap omputeh, cakap bahasa Melayu pulak. oke nilah dia result midterm ni, i vow to put my marks from now on. so i'll work harder to make it look good on my blog. besides, rasanya saya sorang & beberapa orang rakan je yg mugkin akan baca ni. ;)

Grammatical Analysis: 25.2/30
Intro to Sociology     : 25.75/30
Intro to Psychology   : Masih misteri
Novel & Short stories: 20/20
Research Method      : Entah bila nak examnye.
Critical & Creative Thinking: : Lecturer masih seronok bercuti untuk menanda paper.

Walaupon begitu, masih lagi banyak kerja rupanya yang perlu diselesaikan. Saya baru ingat nak relax2 goyang kaki minggu ni. tapi banyak sangat kerja lagi. wuuuuuuuuuu. T.T
okelah, saya ada presentation esok. nak pergi prepare ape yang patut. baibai.