sometimes changes are good.

..cause they changes your mood, your whole perspective or something.
But yes, its good. And hence, I would be changing my blog outlook soon enough, just so to improve my whole spirit towards changing, towards improvement & maturity. But of course, I'll start the blog renovation only after I settle things down with my room business - new paint, tidying up & perhaps some additional touch-ups n deco fr the room.

Oh, btw, I'm currently in the project of spring cleaning my life. That's explain why I'm so triggered to make some new changes on my room & blog. It's time to get rid of all the excess baggage of negativity out from you and embrace a fresh new ambience. Well, it's Ramadhan right? Besides doing devotions and all, we can also do some spring cleaning, or a self post mortem of what you've achieved & done so far. It'll be good for us. :)

So, what are we waiting fr? Let's spring cleaning!