Chapitre 7.2: the hope that remains

there are times, some times,
not that much of times.. 
just a tiny portion of times from your life..
that i wish i can take from u.

times in which i can pour my little stories out,
of little dreams of mine that i built inside this little mind,
of little wishes that never seem to come true,
of little problems that never seem to fade.

i wish u can hear my heart screaming,
of my pain,
of my endearing sorrow,
of my wounds that never seems to heal.

i wish u can reach out your strong pair of hands
and bring me out of this tiny little pitch 
of darkness,
of secrets,
of memories.

i wish u hear my inner voice,
u can just sit here for a while and get to know me.
the real me,
not the one that had been tarnished by this pain.
not the one that filled with vindictive flame of grudge, of past.
the real me,
that i'm sure you'll come to love, to adore, to amaze.

come, and listen to me.
we'll cuddle next to each other.
while u shift myself back to my real skin.
while u heal my body back from this pain.

i wish u'll come and save me.
i wish u'll blow the fear away.
i wish u'll sing a song of dreams and hopes and future.

i wish u knew, that its u who can help me.


myaqury said…
Poetic beb.. :)
kiko kiki lala said…
hihi. hang lagi la. kemain lagi puitis nya. :)