Chapitre 5.6: some dreams.

at this time, all i can say is that i miss you. so much. 
but i know the drill. i understand things had been hard for you. 
so, i'll just wait and pray for things to get better for you.  

i miss the old days when we would use the snail mail to keep in touch with distant friends. receiving letters from them give you a pleasant warm feelings. replying them, waiting them to reply back. the excitement of it couldn't be felt anymore, now that we have all the technologies for faster communication.

remember the old times when  people would write each other love letters filled with sweet and beautiful words that change even a plain person into wonderful poet? how beautiful love makes us do. 

i wish we would write love letter to each other sometimes. even our distance is just within a few walks away, and we can even give each other a call to say "i miss you", i wish to do it all the same. i wish to do it with you. 

love ,


Munirah said…
post like this makes me want a boyfriend T.T
kiko kiki lala said…
nahh, better stay like that sayang.
better wait for him to come n purpose u to be his wife kn? :)