Chapitre 5.1: dear future husband #1

dear future husband, 

if you wish to give me a wedding gift once we get married, instead of going to foreign places, staying at luxury hotel, or relaxing in some cool resort, how about we do something different instead? how about we watch a football match? a real football match, like the final leg of UEFA Champion league or the final game of UEFA EURO 20**, or perhaps any game on the world cup? imagine the feeling the adrenaline rush and the feelings of being a part of the cheering crowd while watching the greatest game in football history together. that would be wicked aite?  

anyway, just to let you know, i hope you would love football too as much as i do so that we can have late night cuddling together while watching the Red Devils games. or, if you are a fan of other team like say, Arsenal, we might as well watch the game too. If we are rooting for opposing team, it would be much fun, fooling and mocking each other teams. 

but if, you aren't that much a fan of football, i hope you still watch the games with me anyway just to show your support for my passion. it would be very sweet of you to come and watch with me late at night just for the sake of keeping me company.

either you love football or not, i hope you will understand my never ending passion for this game. although i am no near good in playing the football myself. :)



sha :) said…
most of the male population in this world have a thing about football..
susah nak cari laki yg tak suka bola.. ;D
kiko kiki lala said…
tapi skrg tetbe terstuck pulak with a guy yg tak brpe minat tgk bola. although he does play football. :p
sha :) said…
he plays football..tapi tk minat tgk bola..?waw..hbt r..huhu ^_^
kiko kiki lala said…
i hope he does watch. boleh tgk sama sama. but at least die main kan. hee. :)