Chapitre 4.8: applying for scholarship & how to nail it.

memandangkan time bulan bulan gini lah, ramai students dok kejar kejar apply scholarships. rasa macam elok jugak lah kita share ilmu macam mana nak apply for scholarship. hang jangan main main, nak isi borang scholarship pon kena ade skill & technique tau. hihihi.

1. find & apply as many as you can.
- There are many scholarships out there like fish waiting to be caught on rod, all you need to do is find it. Search for as many scholarship as you can, find out the ones that you're eligible and apply for them. Note that: the more you apply, the higher the probability for you to get at least one.

2. Once you found it, you find out!
- When you wish to ask someone for a date, first thing you must do is to get to know more about your crush, right? The same rules apply here. Obviously it's important for you to have a good head start. Therefore, preparation is the key. Find out about scholarships in general and also specifically on the scholarship that you wish to apply. Different organization have different prospect regarding the ones they wish to sponsor. Some of them focus on the ones with good academic performances, some prefer students who actively involve in co-curricular activities and some also prefer to look at their financial & family background. So, once you found all the scholarships that you wish to apply, do some research about them.  

3. check the eligibilities.
- Don't go for something that you know will come out wasted. If you aren't even eligible, why bother to apply? So, please make sure you fulfill all the requirements first. :)

4. Don't just read the instructions, follow them.
- Once you are eligible, read all the instructions on completing the application form. Then, make sure you follow all the instructions diligently and don't left anything out.

5. First impression is the last Impression.
- Always make a nice, clean and organised application folder. It will give employers the impression that you an organised person. So, arrange all the required documents in order and filed them accordingly. Also, make sure to fill in the form with neat handwriting. It's better if you minimize the errors, even if you can erase it with liquids or correction tape, it will just make it look messier. 

6. Personalisation works wonders.
- If you know the name of the manager in charge and the specific requirement of each scholarship, it pays to personalise your application as in doing so, it will make your application stand out. Address each specific requirements individually, specifying the name of the manager, your strength in the area in which the sponsor are looking for, that you have the requirements to undertake the challenge of a scholarship award and so on.

7. Proofread your application.
- This is perhaps the final step but also the most important of all. After all of the work are done with the application form filled & documents are all neatly arranged, don't ever forget to recheck you whole application. Make sure every particulars required is filled, no spelling errors and  all the documents are there. 

tadaaaaa! lepas tu boleh la hantar. n n lagi satu, it's a good thing if you have a good grasp in English, both writing & speaking. lagi lagi kalau depa suruh hangpa semua karang essay or buat outline ke pasal reasons why you deserve to receive this scholarship. pape pon banyak banyak kan berdoa n tawakal. kalau tak dapat sekarang, cube je apply lagi bile dia open. ade je orang yang mulanya tak dapat tapi satu taun blaja undergraduates, baru dia dapat. depends on rezeki. 

its not much but at least i hope this will help you a bit. good luck peeps!