Chapitre 4.2: sometime i wonder.

how life would be without labels?
yeah, what if cool ain't cool?
beautiful ain't beautiful?
stupid ain't stupid?

isn't it great? isn't it wonderful?
what are we becoming now?
fooling around, faking ourselves.
walk in this path full of lies. 
when we know, we all know,
there's other way better than this.

why do you do that, dear?
do you really like what you've become?
is this what you really want to do?
why impress them, who do not bother? 
why impress them, who'll hate you more?
when we know, we all know,
when there's only one whom you shall prove.

i know, yeah i know
this anger, this frustrations won't do me any good.
when all i can do is just watch you.
how you being wretched.
how you keep hurting yourself.
i can't help you. i'm too small.
i wish i could, dear.
i wish i do.

i'm a part of this.
yeah, i'm one of you too.
but can i run? can i go? can i?
oh, please...can i?
i wish i could, dear.
i wish i do.


akmar dean said…
kiko, aku tag kau kt contest kt blog aku tau. due date 15/4 tau.
kiko kiki lala said…
ohhh. baek baek. tengs btw. :DD