Chapitre 2.1: there are times when we need to write all things down.

in fact, i think, most of the time, we need to have a pen and some papers to jot down anything that might pop up in our mind. sometimes, ideas and plans we're schemed in our mind at times when we least expecting it. 

anyway, i used to have a habit since i was a kid. that is the habit of writing down everything that comes in my mind. or writing down a list of things to do, homework that must be done, things to buy, things to study, and the list just goes on and on. i wrote them in notebooks, in  a piece of small blank paper, or anything that a pen or pencil will able to left its mark.

but lately, i start to notice, i'd not been doing this as often as i used to. it somehow makes me confuse, i don't know whether it's a good or a bad thing. perhaps it's good, because finally i can help saving the mother earth by preventing from the wastage of papers. but perhaps it's bad cause i think that somehow i become less productive, less creative, less intelligent(?) now. really, writing down things, thinking about what to write, somehow works my mind in a good way. it helps my brain to think better. 

now, i think my mind had become lazier than ever. they become fat with stupidity. seriously, i think i am a bit stupid now that i think & write less. 

oh my! what i've been babbling about? zzzzzzzz. oke, u just wasted a few seconds, minutes, or hour (?) of your time for reading this post *the time may differ in accordance to your reading skills*. hahaha. babai. ;)