Chapitre 11.13: yay! books.

yeah, I simply mad when it comes to books. especially English Novels. You may think what i'd bought a few months earlier is damn a whole lot. but you don't see this yet. 

hey wait wait. I don't tell you the best part yet. surely with these bunch of books it cost thousands of ringgits. but hell yeah, all 53 books *if not mistaken lah*, I bought only for rm413. yay! its a great bargain right? all thanks to big bad wolf book sale! it's only held once a year for a few days. I went there for one day only, and i'd splurge on my savings there. how can you control yourselves when all the brand new books were sold for rm5 and rm8 each on paperbacks? mind you, i went frantic just as soon as i enter that place, i'm so crazy!

on the book-grabbing frenzy, i had done minor mistakes on my purchase, i thought i had put 3 books from philip pullman, but i must have lost it somewhere. i was so disappointed with this fact since this triology have three different editions and i chose the smartest one. T.T 

anyway if you miss it. don't fret. InsyaAllah it'll be held again next year. so save up your allowance from no on. hey, one thing, for extra precaution just bring extra money, okay? its hard to control your mind seeing cheap books scattered everywhere. and please, be nice to those books. don't toss it anywhere you want or shred it. book lovers don't do that ok? 

if you can't wait till next year, you can simply go to bookxcess. i had never been there. but from it website and facebook page, it offers good bargain than the regular bookstores. books usually priced rm35.00 were up for sale almost half it price there. so, yeah, i've been planning to go there too because not all the books i want will be sold on the big bad wolf book sale and i can't simply resist the urge and wait for another 12 month to send my money flow over a pair of books.

i had just bought two books from mph to complete my collection. the third book from Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins also the second book from the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare. i heard awesome reviews from both trilogies. So, i can't wait to read them all. :)


Abdul Hadi said…
lol aku ingat kau jenis suka baca chick flick gitu , tapi anthony horowitz tu -___________- aku tak berapa nak suka.

btw aku lebih suka historical novel based on historical events , lagi lagi something by Robert fisk , howard zinn and noam chomsky.
Shy said…
Wow! Looking at that simply makes me drool *lol*

I've been looking for Crusade by Robyn Young everywhere but still don't manage to find it. So, LUCKY YOU!

Hope you enjoy all the books you've bought =)
n i k l i s a said…
this is insannneee! wow kiko.
i would me totally blown off seeing bookss which are so cheap2 like this.
fawh said…
btw tadi kat summit usj POPULAR buat wholesale books up to 70%. but then again, aku xde duit. sedih btol bila tgk jualan buku murah2 tp poket kering. wuuwuuuu.
kiko kiki lala said…
oh tidak. aku ok je kalau baca chick lit. tapi aku memg obses for magic, fantasy, adventure & gruesome, horror books.

yg robyn young tuh historical fiction, pasl perang if not mistaken. nak pinjam habaq mai. :DD
kiko kiki lala said…
i'm drooling at them myself.

do hear good review about them too?
i don't know whether its good or not when i pick them up. but i like what the story is about. :)

thanks. next time thre's sale I'm gonna tell u for sure.
kiko kiki lala said…
bolehhh. mintak tlg encik janggut ambil kan. hihi.
wohooo. tak boleh dahhh. aku kne pose frum beli kejap kang overfloww. nxt time ade sale mcm ni aku habaq kat hang lg. :D
kiko kiki lala said…
tu laaaa. aku pon naik gila.
naseb memg duit aku tgah ade. kalau tak aku boleh berangan je. :|
n i k l i s a said…
len kali kan.. kalo ade ko gtau aku awal awal tau kilko. hehehe
kiko kiki lala said…
okiedokie. no hal.
nnty aku infum kaw bile aku tahu.
hihi. aritu aku bitau fawh je. :p
lyiana said…
WoooW....kagum gle yana tgk^^
asy.z said…
aaaaaaaaaa... bnyak gilaa!! *jealous2!! (>_<) hehehe
kiko kiki lala said…
yana, hehee. obses sgt kat buku. :P

kebetulan time tuu tgk banyak duits.
hihi. :)
Kartika Azmi said…
banyak nyaaaa buku!
alyssa maihani said…
Keep up the good effort kiko. We have same passion, collecting books. My bedroom feature wall covered with bookshelf. I've been searching for Personal Justice by Ramlee Awang Murshid..
kiko kiki lala said…
ya ya. bookworm seperti anda patut pergi kesana juga. ;D
kiko kiki lala said…
yay! thanks. books are good companion aren't they? hehe. i lke to read ramlee awang murshid's books too. :)
anish-chan said…