Chapitre 11.10: beautiful.

listening to your favorite songs & dancing over the beat. 
wearing the clothes that u always wanted but always afraid to try.
splurging your money on clothes, books, & for the sake of your loved ones.
flirting to the guy who sits opposite your table.
indulge in the thing u passionate most. 
work out your sweat on any work or assignment that has been given to u. 
watching movies & theater performances alone or with family.
hanging out with girlfriends, sharing latest gossips.
do the most random thing everyday & laughing ur ass out with ur roommate. ;)
crying your heart out for the loves u lost & forgive yourself for what has happened.
mesmerize over beautiful poetry. 
listen to your heart beat, watching to a spectacular poetry performance that touch ur soul. 
smiling to everybody your pass during your walk.
closing your eyes, breath the morning breeze and enjoy every tiny pieces of ur life.

dear God,  how thankful I am.

ahhhhh, it's good to be back.