Chapitre 11.1: oh november!

i wish you will not behave like Mr. October whom had been acting kinda harsh to me. he refuse to let me sleep well during night and injected me with worries and assumption which make my situation even more worse. he also makes me go hectic with all the assignment, quizzes, & presentations. i am officially deprived by Mr.October and i wish, oh!, in fact i pledge that you, Mr. November, you will behave like a gentleman!

i know the start of our relationship might be rocky with the final examination. but i'm sure after some time, its gonna be alright for us. we will take vacation together and i want to spend my time with you reading all books i'd bought. please please be gentle to me. i need a good acquaintance this time, not a fiend disguised as friend. i have enough with Mr. October, Monsieur September, Mrs. August and Miss July.