Chapitre 9.9:bookaholics

ketagihan terhadap buku telah kembali. oyeah! 
tahun ni saja banyak sangat buku baru yang dibeli and masih lagi on the way untuk dibaca. tak sempat sangat nak spend time untuk baca buku sejak first sem of my first year as undergraduate bermula. but saya tetap beli lagi and lagi untuk dibaca time cuti semester nanti. atleast saya dah beli siap2. ;)

books i bought yesterday at mph, midvalley megamall. (september)

 i'm back to fantasy & adventure books. its seem like i unable to resist the temptation to read more from this particular genre. all of these books are the first of their series, if the first satisfy me enough, i'll be starting whole new series collections. *winkwink*

books bought at mph exhibition, iium gombak. (august)

this is my attemp on reading books with different genres. i usually opt for fantasy & magical books. this time i try islamic malay novel, real life story, crime/thriller, and inspirational. 

 books bought during outings with ex-dorm mates also at mph, midvalley megamall. (june)

its been a long time since i read any classics. i bought all these because its cheap. 

secondhand books (but still look brand new!) bought during youth festival. (may)

lots of my friends had been giving me good reviews on books by cecelia ahern. i bought these right away though it secondhand because the prices are whole lot cheaper n still look brand new!

 books bought during holidays (not quite sure when & where)

i had read the first of the series, thought it was a good magical adventure and start collecting the series right away. haha. 

 the only books that i finished reading so far from these list are:-
- septimus heap : flyte by angie sage
- if you could see me now by cecelia ahern
(hahahahahaha. just manage to read 2)
anyway, i think both are awesome. ;)

oh oh. by the way, saya macam eksaited sangat bile tgk buku2 kat leisure reading section kat iium library. sekarang saya tengah pinjam buku the notebook by nicholas spark tu. hehehehheheheheh. *buku sendiri belum habes baca ada hati nak baca buku kat library*

yosh! tak sabar nak baca buku2 ni semua ohhh. tapi banyak sangat asgnment rasa cm memang takde choice, kne jugak tunggu cuti sem untuk baca semua buku ni. bila dah habes, i can't wait to buy more and more and more books. and read more and more and more books. hehehe. 

till den. 


fawh said…
if you cud see me now paling best lahhhh!!!
meleleh wa cakap luu.
hahah XD
cikfaathassan said…
tak adil la kickkkkk! buku international sikit punya mahal weh, duit i baru cukup beli the notebook,tu punya laa berzaman punya buku tau. eat pray love tu macam kena tunggu tahun depan je =/