Chapitre 9.8: wish upon the star.

when i grow up and married with the man i love, i want to live a fairly simple life.

i want to live in a small house with huge lawn & garden and gazebos & small pond & water fountains. 

my house may not be superbly big n fancy. but when u enters, its all welcoming, u feel a total comfort. it makes u feel like home. :)


Anonymous said…
ak igt bru nk blikn ko panhouse..ko nk umh kecik eh? nk same bsr dgn reban ayam kt teluk intan eh? huhu

-terbang rendah-
kiko kiki lala said…
kuajaaa. takde lah sekecik reban ayam kg aku kn. nak kne ke ha kaw ni rafique?