Chapitre 9.7: when a man falls in love.

when i was clearing my blog reading list, i came across this blog.
the one which iwa showed me. i never really read this blog even though i did follow it.

well, but today..i did. 
this makes me go teary eyed.
go read the first one. this guy..o gosh, is awfully hopelessly in love.


Anonymous said…
the whole passage are lyrics..
of the script's the man who can't be moved..
kiko kiki lala said…
ehhh, bukan yg lyrics tu lahh.
the first one. bukan yg the latest punya.

yg bulan march 2009 tuhh. ;)
Anonymous said…
giler die ni..
aku bace smpai abis =.=

kiko kiki lala said…
azam, tulahhh. haha.
rse mcm cte2 kat muvy pulak. ;p
Anonymous said…
perghh..klau laaku diberi peluang mcm tuh..^^

Anonymous said…
if i was fara, i would be like freaking out loud.

aku lg suke yang x obses.
chill suda.

kiko kiki lala said…
rafique, gedik ah kaw. xD

lisa, dat guy mcm hero dlm cite the notebook. dats why.