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Aug 27, 2010

Chapitre 8.12: for you, ryuk.

ryuk, my love.

.....but it so freaking hard so i decide to pour my heart this time.
....but i know it's all for the best.

but sorry dear, i can't help from asking....

....in my eyes and in my heart.

and then i started to think...

and oh i tried to sing this song for u. 
but my voice ain't that beautiful as yours.

so all i could do is...

oh can't u see that..

but before i go ryuk, before i go...
i tell u what,

though i might sometimes wish i'd ask u this...

but no, oh no.




 this thing..this very thing of us...although it's

i'll say..

hey, this love we used to feel, is what i would call, the best love.

and so this is how it end's.

our love is just like..

but hey, its okay. it's okay.

n u r the one who say to me this..

and so, im going to do just the same.

our love story may comes to an end but our friendship, 
i won't,
i'll never let it ends. 

thank you dear ryuk. 
thank you for making my first love the best experience ever.
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5 responsi:

sha :) said...

mesti lama buat ni an?

freak_faat said...

best kick. siyes. :') sedih baca

Mim said...


Be strong sweetheart :)

kiko kiki lala said...

shaena, actually buat time tga ade inspiration. so, the tots just flow. n tak de la lama sgt. but spent few hours la jugak. :)

kiko kiki lala said...

fat & miza,
thanks for the support dearies. :)


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