Chapitre 7.2: Dear bloggie dear.

Things you should know (or not) about my blog:

1.This blog has actually reach the age of years. But due to certain circumstances, I'd deleted most of the post. So, it looks like as if I'm  a lazy blog owner who rarely update her blog *which is somehow true anyway*.

2. There are reasons of why I don't delete the remaining post, n those are:
     a) They hold unforgettable memories.
     b) They make statement(s).
     c) They unlock the secret of my heart *duhhh. lame!*
     d) They are commented by special people (esp. my late close friend afique nordin)

      and the most important reason of all is that:
      e) They mean a lot to me. And i don't have the heart to let it vanish from my life.

     *I want to keep as many pieces of Afique that I can find within my life so that even he              already passed away, the memories that linger on keep him alive in my heart*

3. I wrote and will be writing this blog in both English and Malay though I originally wrote mostly in Malay *because I believe this is one of the remaining pieces of things that I am able to use Malay language since all the other stuff like assignments, lectures n etc will be conducted in English*. But of course now I'll use both, depending on my current mood.

4. I rarely put pictures on my blog. Since most interesting blogs that have so many readers have pictures on it, I must say that my blog is dull and uninteresting. *those who read my blog are mostly, if not all, are my friends. So, they know me* But i'll put it anyway, IF I have the will to do so *which most of the time i don't*.

5. I love changing blog templates. I even thinking of applying the new template design features. But I think, I'll just stick to this template a bit longer. I love it so much, I don't even want to replace it with anything better.