Chapitre 04.5: u wrong, babe.

u said i am a bad, cheap girl.

but u once told me the opposite.
considering the circumstances, i assumed u r telling lies.
u were mad during the time u tell me all those shitty wasn't it?

plus, only me, my family, n my close friends know who i really am.

u thought u knew me,
but u never were.

yes, people from the past can talk shit about me
n still think i am the same person i used to be.
i am the same,
damn yes i am.
but people from the present know better how a great person i am now.

and indeed,
i am a better person.
i know,
they know.
u guys don't know.

u n all those people from the past can judge me n say what-so-ever about me.
i know i am wayyyyy better than u guys because at least i don't talk shit about other people even though they do pissed me off.

i am not being a hypocrite here.
this is who i am.
i don't like to judge people nor i like to talk shit about them.
because talking shit,
makes me an equal stinking shit as u guys.

if u don't like me,
don't pretend to like me.
its pathetic.


'because talking shit,
makes me an equal stinking shit as u guys.''

This is so true ;)
Hey, keep smiling whatever ppl say you are. They don't know much about us and they can't judge us! :D