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Dec 25, 2009

Chapitre 12.7 : if God wills

my IRK lecturer, madam Isfadiah once said in our class,

dat we will find our love sooner or later. but for the mean time, even if u had find one, it not a proper time for u to involve in such relationship.

"if you love somebody n u noe dat somebody loves u too, believe in ur heart n ur God, if ur fate is to be with dat somebody, den God will bring us to dat somebody in His own way"

i noe it is so sudden, but this thing had been bugging me. N i had been hesitating for quite a long time, n so i believe this is time.

i've made my decision,
i believe dat God only give what is best for us,

.thanks for the memories.

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5 responsi:

::mynme'sazm:: said...

wise decision

M O N I C A said...

thanks for sharing..:)

kiko kiki lala said...

tengs encik azam.

ur welcme monica. :D

||sha || said...

well..i also have the same prob.. but, breaking up is not what i have in mind though.. but if someday, things doesnt really working out between me and him, atleast..i'm happy and thankful that i had him once in my life ^_^

<3 fA_fiE <3 said...

cop.break ke...? hmm. doa bnyk2 ehh


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