Chapitre 9.3 : a man

i hate u for not being a man. i hate u for being so childish. i hate u coz u always blame me on everything. i hate you because u so clingy. i hate u bcoz u get jealous oh-so easily when i hangout with my guy friends. *oh come on! they're all just friends!* i hate you because you always being too sensitive. i hate u becoz of ur freaking rules.

i hate you!

i hate you!

don't u understand?

u don't need to be worried so much.
u already took my heart away.


aww, sad. masalah rumah tangga ke ni? :):)
chill eh dear.
*ika* said…
sudah baik sekarang. ^^
fawh said…
poyo jerh lbeyh.
*ika* said…
adoi. mengapakh poyo?
Irnita Herliana said…
boyfriends can be stupid n childish
they can be clingy n jealous gila babeng
juz sabar je kiko...
are u still with the guy?
*ika* said…
haha. of coz la.
i'm jus writing dat wen i was so sad.

he's not bad after all.
he's swit. :))